Support IBE

Your contribution to IBE, which is full tax deductible, helps us bring ballet to Philadelphia’s public schools and the community.

What does your gift support? IBE performances and in-school ballet residency, our unique program of lessons and performance. For example,

  • $20 supplies one student’s ballet shoes
  • $250 pays for a week of ballet classes for 80 students
  • $500 costumes 10 students for a performance
  • $1,000 helps bring professional artist to school audiences 
  • $2500 adopts an IBE ballet class for the school year

​​​​​Donate Online 

Or download the donor card here and mail your check to IBE. 

To make a pledge to IBE, download a pledge form here.

Other ways to support IBE

1.  Shop “for” IBE:

  • Shop online through IGive. More than 1,500 participating online merchants will donate a percentage of your purchase to the cause of your choice—with no cost, hidden fees for you or the organization, or obligations. Join and choose International Ballet Exchange as your cause at
  • Use Giving Assistant to save money on purchases and donate to International Ballet Exchange
  • Shop through AmazonSmile. List International Ballet Exchange as your charity of choice for AmazonSmile and IBE will receive a percentage of the purchase price. Go to

2.  Place an ad in the program book for an IBE performance. Purchase a business card (1/4 page), half-page or full page ad. For details, call 215-849-7950 or e-mail

3.  Sponsor a ballet residency or upcoming performance. For details, call 215-849-7950 or e-mail

4. Make a special gift. Since its founding, International Ballet Exchange has made scholarships available to serious students who want to study ballet at Wissahickon Dance Academy but need financial assistance to do so. The scholarships, which are awarded on an as-needed basis from IBE’s operating funds or donations specifically designated for this purpose, are named in memory of former WDA student Jackiel Emerson Irwin-Diehl, who danced in numerous IBE performances. Ballet was his heart, and we can think of no better tribute to his love of dance and joy in movement.

Support provided by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.


Support provided by Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.


IBE thanks the following generous funders:

Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial

Christopher Ludwick Foundation